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Raffaello Open

La Madonna del Cardellino, di Pasquale Naccarato. in Memory of Hasan Nyiazi

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In memoria di Hasan Niyazi, blogger d’arte per passione.

Fisioterapista per lavoro, credeva che la bellezza di Raffaello dovesse essere accessibile a tutti.

Hasan voleva far conoscere il lavoro di Raffaello con gli strumenti ed i linguaggio di oggi, i blog.

Hasan riuniva in ogni post di ogni quadro su Raffaello tutta la storia dell’arte rintracciabile attraverso Internet, e la verificava ordinando libri e parlando con esperti. Corredava i post dei disegni preparatori al quadro, di dettagli ingranditi e delle loro interpretazioni, di video interviste ai restauratori, dei posti dove era stato il quadro.

Il progetto voleva essere il luogo dove trovare tutti i quadri di Raffaello insieme con tutta la storia di ogni quadro, di ogni periodo.

Un progetto digitale che non ha pari, che difficilmente potrebbe avere la stessa portata, diffusione ed articolazione su carta.

Un progetto che valse ad Hasan Niyazi rispetto e riconoscimento da molti storici dell’arte esperti di Raffaello e la gratitudine di cittadini di tutto il mondo ai quali introduceva Raffaello e la storia dell’arte.

Il digitale e l’arte hanno perso un grande progettista. La qualità si può coniugare con l’online e è uno dei migliori esempi che ci rimangono ai quali ispirarci.

Melissa Pignatelli

Hasan Niyazi è stato blogger culturale di Florens 2012, grazie alla selezione di Alexandra Korey di Flod.

L’altro blog culturale di Hasan Niyazi era

Nella fotografia in alto: La Madonna del Cardellino di Raffaello, collezione personale, in una copia in miniatura di Pasquale Naccarato, pittore copista fiorentino.

Qui sotto un dettagli del portale di Hasan Niyazi

Dettaglio del portale di Hasan Niyazi

In memory of Hasan Niyazi, art blogger for passion.

Working as a physiotherapist, Hasan thought Raphael’s beauty had to be accessible to everyone.  He wanted Raphael to be known through today’s instruments and  language: blogs.

Hasan would put in each post, on each Raphael painting, all the art history he could find through the internet, he checked it by looking up information in books and interviewing experts. In each post, he would add precious details on the painting: preparatory sketches, enlarged details and their interpretations, videos with restorers, history of the places the painting add been kept. was a project where one could find all Raphael’s paintings at once, along with the story of each painting in each period.

An unrivaled digital project, that couldn’t have the same breadth, spread nor articulation on paper.

A project that granted Hasan with respect and recognition from many art historians and Raphael experts, but also an enormous gratitude from people around the globe to whom he would introduce Raphael and art history.

A great digital project that lost a great designer.

High-quality  and knowledge can be found online and  is one the best examples we are left with to look up to.


Melissa Pignatelli

Hasan Niyazi has been a cultural blogger at Florens 2012 (November 2012), thanks to Flod’s Alexandra Korey’s selection.

Hasan’s other art history blog was

In the painting above: Raphael’s Madonna del Cardellino,  miniature copy by florentine painter copist Pasquale Naccarato 

The other paintings are details chosen by Hasan Niyazi for his portal.


Hasan Niyazi, rip,


Melissa Pignatelli


  1. Thank you for posting this so quickly after learning of Hasan’s untimely death. His contribution to art history and online knowledge was great. And as we had the pleasure of discovering, he was truly a lovely person, too.

    • Melissa Pignatelli says

      Thank you for your comment Jenna.
      When I learned the news I felt so helpless and the only thing I could think of doing is remembering Hasan’s greatest project,

  2. Hasan was the most intriguing person I have ever known. I remember countless long walks through the mountains nearby his house, listening to his almost obsessive compulsive attention to detail describing the life and work of Rafael. His impassioned stories about Rafael told as if they were known to each other, as if in some way they had something in common. And like Rafael passed away at 37 years, my brother in law Hasan passed away at 38 years. I miss our arguments, I miss you so much. .. Metin

  3. Melissa, thank you for your kind words about my beautiful older brother, Hasan. I know that he had a special connection with you, and spoke very fondly about you to me.

    There are many things I will miss about my brother. I will miss our deep conversations and movie nights. I will miss seeing his face, hearing his voice and hugging him.

    There are many things I will cherish about him. As a young girl he would always take me out to the movies, or a park to eat ice cream. I use to draw pictures for him, and he always hung them on his wall. All of these fond memories are slowly coming back to me… I am deeply saddened that we can no longer share any new memories. But will cherish these memories and many more for eternity.

    • Melissa Pignatelli says

      Thank you for sharing this here Hasret.
      Hasan has been an inspirational encounter in my life and I shall always cherish his suggestions and advice.
      One for all: accepting defining myself as a ‘blogger’ after the complicated end of my academic career.

      • Hasret says

        Thank you Melissa, that is lovely to hear. He had a way of inspiring others to achieve their hopes and dreams, no matter what the circumstances. He had many special people in his life, and was a special person to many more.

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    • Melissa Pignatelli says

      There is no delay, for Hasan is now spirit.
      We shall all think about him on november 4th. Service held @ Cyprus Turkish Islamic Mosque, 618 Ballarat Rd, Sunshine @ 12:30pm burial Fawkner Cemetery, Melbourne, Australia.
      And special thougts for his family, his mother, his sister, his nephew who looks like him in picture, and to all his dearly loved ones.

      • Lovely words, Melissa. Here’s to remembering Hasan once again today as in Australia his loved ones lay him to rest.

      • Melissa Pignatelli says

        Thank you Bonnie.
        I’m on my way to the Uffizi. To remember him today, even though they’re closed and it’s raining…
        My own way… Lots of love..